ERP Update – Pent-Up Demand Results in the Good ERP Vendors Being REALLY BUSY

By Bob Green

Greetings again.

This month’s shorter-than-usual post has two purposes:

  1. My periodic observations on the ERP environment, and

  1. A reminder about an upcoming webcast we’re doing with Gartner…

ERP update – Pent-up demand results in the good ERP vendors being REALLY BUSY (Why does that affect me, you ask??)

It’s a VERY different year than last, and way more different than 2009-2012 if you’re in the ERP market/environment. How so? The better ERP software integrators and VARs are really BUSY – so much so, that people seeking demonstrations and implementations for their ERP selection and procurement processes are finding it hard to have these meetings and tasks scheduled promptly. That’s good from the vendor side, and not so good for the buyer side. Clearly, we’re leaving a recession and there just aren’t enough quality people in the service provider side to manage all the needs of a growing buying population.

Lesson? If you’re looking to upgrade or migrate to new ERP before the end of this year, you should have started the process months ago. You’re likely in jeopardy of not hitting your timeline, and you should probably consider alternatives (e.g.; phasing your implementation, postponing it to next year, etc.).

Fortunately our clients have our solid network of integrators to work with. These ERP service firms tend to find the time to help our clients, with guidance from our team. That said, if you’re starting now – we urge you to get your requirements in order ASAP, and get in touch with us or people like us that have access to reputable vendors, in order to make sure that you are planning an upgrade path that makes sense and is achievable.

Whatever you decide – don’t rush into working with non-proven, non-reference-able software VARs or integrators!

People really do. All the time. The reality is that your ERP upgrade or migration is as reliant on good ERP service providers as it is on good software. Maybe more-so. As a general rule, when the good vendor service providers are consistently busy helping their existing clients with new ERP implementations, as they are now (see above), those who are not so busy are really not the people you want to work with. There’s usually a reason that firms with lesser reputations have people available. You don’t need me to push this point any further. Just be careful to vet your software providers.

If you’re a frequent reader of these posts, undoubtedly you know that we’re serious about making sure you get as much success from a pending ERP migration or upgrade experience as possible. We’re not shy about being realistic, and we speak from lots of upgrade experiences with our clients.

We don’t sell software.

We’re unbiased, independent, and experienced CPAs and Advisors uniquely positioned to guide and support you in this area.

Feel free to reach out.